Need help? Tips on writing a great support request

Despite best practices, the fact is, we are all going to run into problems with the software we use. Cividesk clients are no different. This blog post is a guide to help you submit the best support request that in turn will help Cividesk or any other support department give you the best support and problem solving tips for your issue.  small_Ticketing Icon.png

To begin, Cividesk customers can request support via email to or by opening a ticket from the Ticketing icon on the Desk. 

When submitting your request, keep the following six tips in mind so that our team can best assist you: 

1.  One Ticket  - One Issue 

It is always best to open one ticket (support request) for each issue you have.  This makes sure that we can track each issue you are having and things do not get lost as we help you.  Sometimes, we need to forward tickets to our engineers and if they are separated we can make sure they only have the issue that they need to solve.

2.  Include detailed examples 

The more detailed your example is, the more likely we can replicate the issue and find the problem. For example, if a person writes, "when editing a contact, I get an error," we will test this and see if we get an error when we edit a contact. There is a high likelihood that we will not get an error when we edit a contact. Chances are, the error is more specific.  For example, "when editing a contact's phone number, I get an error saying that the phone number cannot be changed." Please be as specific as possible.

3.  Let us know what record you are looking at

If you are having trouble with a specific record, please write something like "When I am looking at 'Sally J. Smith' I see XYZ." What is even more helpful is when we have the CiviCRM ID for the contact. With an ID, there is no ambiguity. To find the CiviCRM ID, look at the right side in the Contact Summary of the contact record and you will see CiviCRM ID under Contact Type. 


If the contact has a username that is connected with your CMS (Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress), then you will see a slash (/) and a second number that is a link. The link will go to the user profile in the CMS. 
If you were writing a ticket about this contact you would say, "When I look at "Sally J. Smith (ID 1938)," I see XYZ."

4.  Let us know where you are at in the CRM

The more details you can give us about how you got to a page or a specific task, the easier it is for us to help you and the faster we can resolve your issue. Often giving the URL or web address for the page you are on is very helpful.  
For example, if you have an issue with a list of event attendees, giving us the URL will help us make sure we are looking at the same listing. You can find the address at the top of your browser.  


5.  Include screenshots

Screenshots are pictures of what are on the screen. Showing us what you see helps a lot. Sometimes what you see might be a little different than what we see. It could be an issue from your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or your computers settings. Here is an article from PC Magazine that covers how to get a screenshot from almost any device or operating system.  

Once you have created your file there are three main ways to add it to your ticket with Cividesk. If you email your ticket, then attach the screenshot to the email.  If you use the ticket system from the Desk, then you have two ways to add an image. The first, is to add the image inside the ticket with the image insert button image_insert_button.png.  The second is to use the upload button to attach the screenshot to the ticket.  attachments_upload.png

6.  Include files

When you send a support request you can attach files to your email or as described above upload the files in our ticketing system. For example, if you tell us that when you create a PDF report it does not look right, being able to review the PDF  will help us diagnose the problem.  

Writing a great support request ticket may take more time initially, but the clearer the ticket the better the response you will get! Follow these tips and help us help you!