New Extension: Configuring Summary Overlay

After a Contact search or in the Relationship screen did you know that by moving your mouse over the icon you can get some summary information about the contact? That's the Summary Overlay screen.

The screen displays some information about the contact but have you ever wished to be able to select the information specific to your organization that you would like to see in this screen?

It's now possible with a new extension developed by Cividesk.

Out the box CiviCRM is shipped with a profile named "Summary Overlay" that is used to display the contact fields in the Summary Overlay screen. With the new extension you have now the possibility to configure for each contact type your own profile that you would like to use  instead of the common Summary Overlay. It provides then an easy access to desired information with just a hover.

Once the extension is installed, you can select the profile that you would like to use for the Summary Overlay screen per contact type.

Hovering over a contact of type Individual will show the fields configured for the corresponding profile:


likewise for contacts of type Organization:

This extension is available to all of our customers at their request and we are also contributing this back to the community as part of giving back efforts for the Core Team and the CiviCRM ecosystem.