New Extension: Contact Dashboard settings

Ever wished that the CiviCRM contact dashboard could be configured to display (or not display) information specific to your organization's needs? 

A powerful extension in development by Cividesk will allow you to replace any hard coded fields for related contacts with profiles that contain only those fields that you wish to see. Once the extension is fully developed and installed, you will be able to:

  • Configure different profiles for specific contact types (e.g. Organization vs. Individual) allowing for the display of different fields relevant to the logged-in user
  • Configure profiles with specific fields for editing related contacts listed in the Relationship section of the contact dashboard, or
  • Disable links to click on related contacts and the relationships in relationship section 

This extension will be available to all Cividesk clients and will also be contributed back to the community in support of the growth efforts of the CiviCRM ecosystem.

This extension is a work in progress and we will be adding more features to provide more flexibility.

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