New extension: Discount Price for Members Only

Have you ever wanted to make the member price option available in an event registration form only to good standing members (ie. New, Current or Grace status)? This way, only these members can take advantage of a discounted price as one of their exclusive benefits!

Cividesk developed this new feature so the member rate for an event is only displayed when the logged-in user has a good standing membership.

As part of our monthly contribution to the CiviCRM community, we implemented this new feature as an extension that can be installed on any CiviCRM instance so any organization can benefit from this new feature!

How does it work?

Once the new extension named com.cividesk.priceoptionprivacy is installed, in any Price Set you are using, the option Member Only in the field Visibility with the Price Option is now available.

Using Visibility = Member Only for a Price Option makes the discounted rate available only to logged-in users recognized as members. When a logged-in user is not recognized as a member, the price option is not displayed in the online registration page.

This new feature was possible thank to the sponsorship from American Herbalists Guild!