New functionality: Copy activity

If you have been using activities then at some point in time you might have felt the need to have the possibility to make a copy of an existing activity, similar feature of what you have for events and contribution pages. It's now available to you!

This new feature comes particularly handy if you have lots of custom data on the activity or lots of target contacts and you want to duplicate the same activity without going through laborious manual entry.

We have provided one step click in action links and (voila!) your activity is created. You can then make changes if needed to newly created activity.



Also, we have provided a new functionality for Copy as New. You edit an existing activity, make a few changes and a new activity is created with all these changes without affecting the original activity. This will save a lot of time for organizations which rely heavily on activities.


This developement was possible thank to the sponsorship from United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) represented by Martin S.Kunoff, Sr. Director of Information Technology.

This new feature is already available for all Cividesk customers and it will be contributed back to the core software as part of our giving back efforts for the CiviCRM ecosystem so other organizations can benefit from this new feature as well.