'One click' process for printing contribution receipts

Cividesk is proud to be an active contributor to the CiviCRM community since 2011. We contribute to the project every month with new code, code fixes, by hosting events and more.

Most recently, Cividesk added a new functionality which gives CiviCRM users the ability to print a contribution receipt directly from the User Dashboard. Until now, only the invoice could be printed from the Dashboard.

Previously, when a contributor made a donation and wanted to receive a copy of the contribution receipt, they needed to proactively ask the organization to send a receipt. The staff would then need to select Find Contributions in CiviCRMselect the name of the contributor for which the receipt needed to be printed and select the print receipt action and then finally the receipt could be printed or emailed. That's a lot of steps!

But now, this new feature makes printing receipts much more accessible by having a button available on the User Dashboard so the receipt can be printed directly by the contributor and it is just a one click process! How's that for streamlining and simplifying? We love it!

***To make this feature available, make sure the appropriate permission has been granted. As part of the development, we have added a new CiviCRM permission named view my receipts. When enabled the users are allowed to print receipts from the Dashboard.

This feature has been sponsored by one of our clients, Centre des Professions Financières. Not only do all Cividesk clients benefit from this new feature, but also the entire CiviCRM community as we have contributed this new feature back to the CiviCRM Core Team and it will be available in the next release of CiviCRM!