Our customer service leaps forward!

Since the beginning of the year, we have made very significant improvements to our customer-focused processes. Here is a run-down on these very exciting developments:
  • We're Growing: We hired Yashodha at the end of January to supplement Steve on level 1 support, as well as fully manage our level 2 support. Yashodha has worked for 10 years exclusively with CiviCRM as part of the Core Team, so she brings a wealth of experience on all aspects of the software. After a short training period, she is now fully operational and you might already have had exchanges with her.
  • Same Day Response: Since Yashodha is located in India, we now can answer our European and Asian customer's request on the same day and within their own business hours. We also have the ability to do "follow-the-sun" support on urgent US customer's issues.
  • Streamlined Project Management: We have recently deployed a new project management system, ActiveCollab, to manage all of our customer projects. This presents a number of improvements over our previous tools, including the ability to directly collaborate with customers on our projects and the potential to be integrated within the desk in a similar way that our ticketing system is now.
  • Future of the Ticketing System: Within the next 30 days, we will deploy a new version of our ticketing system that will allow the sharing of all tickets related to the same organization between all members of this organization. This will allow you to see all tickets opened by any of your co-workers. We are really excited about this since it was by far the most requested feature by our customers.
We also have started standardizing on common processes across both functional areas and apply these uniformly to all our customers. For example, we now follow all open tickets and projects tasks simultaenously on a single dashboard. This unified view allows us to better assign priorities and plan for our work, as well as track key metrics and performance indicators to constantly improve our service.