Splitting contributions ... 3 different ways!

Cividesk often does custom development for its customers, and we recently came into multiple requests that involved splitting incoming contributions, but for very different purposes. Let me explain.

One of our customers is a large national organization with regional chapters. Their members subscribe to the national organization, but a large percentage of their membership dues are allocated to the regional chapters. In order to realize this allocation in CiviCRM we have modified the 'save contribution' business logic so it creates 2 line items: 1 for the portion of the membership fees that is allocated to national, and the other for the regional chapter, with each chapterhaving a distinct financial type. Our customer is then able to run reports on a bi-weekly basis to list the rebates that are due to each of their regional chapters.

For tax purposes, another customer needed to have part of their membership fees considered a donation to the organization. We again used the same logic, and split the incoming contribution into 2 line items: one with the financial type of member dues, and the other line item with a financial type of donation. Instead of being based on a percentage, the split was however done based on a fixed amounts depending on the type of membership purchased. The receipt received by the member can then list both line items and also serve as a fiscal receipt for tax purposes.

Finally, a third customer wanted to account for revenue by geography, which meant that each financial type had to be further devided into sub-financial types for each of the geographies. When saving any type of contribution, we are then switching the line items for this contribution based on the zip code of the address of the person making this contribution. Once again the same logic was used, except for the split was repaced by a complicated lookup by postal code.

Three very different uses cases, one logic for implementation. This demonstrates the capacity of CiviCRM to be adapted to each organization's business processes within a reasonable budget.