Think outside the box with CiviCRM: Innovative idea #7

Allow registration status for "Not attending"

An organization holds regular committee meetings using CiviEvent to track the participants. To make sure the committee members register in advance so that meeting plans can be made accordingly, the organization sends several reminders prior to the event. 

But some members would like to be able to express their intention to not attend the event so they don't receive reminders for the event anymore.

The organization would try and manually remove the contacts from their reminder emails but that became too tedious. As a result, they asked Cividesk to help them configure this process with CiviCRM.


We came up with a solution where the members can go online and register for the event and choose the participant role “Not Attending” if they are not available for that meeting. This allows the system to automatically single them out and remove them from further reminder communications. 

This solution works great for free events and gives you a better picture of your constituents’ engagement with your events. It could be adapted for paid events as well with a simple development.

If you want to learn how to create a "Not Attending" status in your CiviEvent or know more about how to better engage with your event participants, contact your Cividesk Account Manager.