Think outside the box with CiviCRM: Innovative idea #8

Use checksum token to update an event registration by someone else than the registrant

Let's say that you are organizing an event where registrants must ask a sponsor to support their application in order to get it accepted and become a participant. But how can you collect the sponsor’s feedback and still link it to the applicant?

One of our customers reached out to us for assistance with the configuration of their conference where students were required to provide the recommendation of a teacher to sponsor their application to a multi-day conference. Until now, they were collecting the data on different contacts:

  • the student registration is recorded with the student contact
  • the teacher’s recommendation is recorded with the teacher contact

but the only way to link a student with his/her teacher’s recommendation is to compile the two different lists of contacts.

We suggested a different approach which would allow collecting the teacher’s comments directly with the student contact record. This would be possible with the use of the checksum token.

This is how the new registration workflow would work:

  1. The student submits her/his application by registering for the event and by completing the profile used in the online registration.
  2. The participant status is then “Pending from approval”.
  3. An email is sent to the student. The email includes a personalized link (with the use of the checksum token) to the profile that needs to be completed by the teacher. (This step can be automated by using the community extension CiviRules.
    The profile is auto-populated with the name of student in the read-only fields. The custom fields used to collect the teacher's answers are blank.
  4. The student is then expected to forward this email to the teacher. 
    When the teacher clicks on the link and fills in answers to the questions, answers are recorded directly with the student contact record. There is no need anymore to compile two different lists in order to review a student’s application
  5.  When the application is approved or rejected you update the student’s registration status accordingly.

But there is two caveats with this configuration:

  1. You rely on the student to forward the link to their teacher
  2. Since the student has access to the link, he can re-open the profile after the teacher has responded and change the teacher's answers.

Solving these issues requires a custom development that would automatically send the email with the link directly to the teacher, using the email address provided by the student in the profile used for the online event registration.That way the student will not have access to the profile.

Are you having a complex workflow that you are not sure how to implement with CiviCRM? Contact your Cividesk Account Manager, we will be happy to help.