Upcoming changes for email delivery

For all our customers, being able to send emails from the CRM, and that these emails get reliably delivered to their recipients inboxes, is a critical function. As ISPs, email services and other IT and service providers are fighting the constant influx of spam that clutters our inboxes, it has become very hard to send email while avoiding being caught in anti-spam filters and/or being blacklisted.

This is why Cividesk has partnered with Mandrill in order to reliably deliver our customer's emails, and this has been very successful so far with sustained 98-99% delivery rates. However, Mandrill has recently announced some important changes to their service that woud no longer allow us to use it as they will a) change their acceptable use policy to forbid any marketing emails, such as newsletters, to now be sent with Mandrill, and b) effectively triple their pricing through a forced bundle with a Mailchimp account.

We have therefore decided to switch to another provider, with a similar track record and performance as Mandrill, and are now finalizing integration tests with CiviCRM.

When deploying this new solution, we will need the cooperation of all our customers to make necessary changes to your DNS, and in particular reconfigure the SPF and DKIM records. In order to facilitate this process, and any further changes that might be required, we can transfer your DNS to our servers. This will ensure that your domain is always optimally configured for our service.

Our technical teams will follow-up with all our customers in the short term to manage this transition.