Updating Multiple Contributions in Pending (Pay Later) Status

Let's say you have an event on which you have allowed Pending (Pay Later) registrations (i.e. a check is to be sent by a given date to the office), and like many of us do, the vast majority of participants decide to send in their checks at the very last minute - now you have a whole bunch of payments to record against a whole bunch of Pending (Pay Later) contributions - why record payments individually when you can record payments against multiple Pending (Pay Later) contributions simultaneously?!

  1. Navigate to Contributions Find Contributions
  2. Select Pending in the Contribution Status filter
  3. Click the Search button
  4. From the search results, select the contributions in question by checking the box to the very left-hand side

    ​IMPORTANT: the same status will be applied to all Pending (Pay Later) contributions selected for update - if you need to record partial payments against some and full payments against others, then record the payments in two separate batches so that you can accurately assign the Completed status to those paid in full, and the Partially Paid status to those that were not paid in full
  5. Select Update pending contribution status from the Actions drop-down menu

  6. Enter payment details for each contribution:
    1. Fee Amount = amount of payment
    2. Payment Method = will typically be Check, but occasionally you may need to record a credit card payment collected outside of Civi, if so, you would select Credit Card as the payment method (this form will not submit a live credit card transaction)
    3. Check # = enter if applicable
    4. Transaction ID = enter if applicable (e.g. if payment made by credit card outside of Civi)
    5. Transaction Date = date the payment was received
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Update Pending Status button

And that's it - you are done!