Use Price Sets for Event Attendee Fees and Sponsorship

Have you ever wanted to be able to have one registration page from where someone could buy tickets for an event and also buy a sponsorship at the same time? Or, maybe you want people to be able to purchase 10 seats as a table. 

To do this in CiviCRM we create a Price Set. Price Sets are a group of prices that can be selected and totaled for an event rather than the single option pricing available with the pricing interface for events.  It is not as complex as it sounds, I promise. 

We create the Price Set before we create the event. 

  1. Go to Administer -> CiviEvent -> New Price Setspecial_events_price_set.png
  2. Give your Price Set  a name
  3. Select what the Price Set  will be used for (you use it for contributions as well as memberships)
  4. Select your Default Financial Type
  5. Add any help text you want before or after the Price Set
  6. Click Save
  7. Once  you save you will be taken to the Add Field interface.  Each field is a price option that can be selected by the person filling out the form. Enter the label for the field.  For example "Gala Seat".
  8. In this case we will not change the  Input Field Type which is Numeric Quantity.
  9. Enter the Price for the item
  10. gala_seat_price_set.pngEnter the number of participants that should be counted for this item. Could be 8 for a table or 0 for a sponsorship
  11. Enter the Max Participants  value to control how many total registrants can register for this item
  12. If there is no price, for example requesting a vegetarian meal, then uncheck Display Amount. 
  13. Enter any Field Help you would like to have
  14. If appropriate add an Active On  and/or an Expire On date.
  15. Check if this option is required
  16. Determine if this option will be visible to both the public and admin or just to admin users.
  17. Uncheck if this field is not Active.
  18. After you enter a field you will be able to add more fields and see what fields you already have


Once you have your Price Set  make sure you configure your event to use the Price Set  on the fees page.