Use the Scheduled Reminders tool in CiviCRM for membership renewals

Spring membership drives are in full swing so it is important to know how to effectively launch your membership renewal campaign from within CiviCRM. With that in mind, be sure you are taking advantage of the "Scheduled Reminders" feature! It is a great tool to make sure each member receives a timely email from the system reminding them that their membership is about to expire.

When including a checksum token (personalized link) for members to renew online, if you have members who joined as organizations, the link must only be sent to the primary individual contact for that organization who has permission to modify the organization record  - this can be achieved by creating a smart group of all contacts of type "Individual", and limiting the recipients of the scheduled reminder to that group). By default, CiviCRM sends the reminder to the primary member (the organization) as well as all the related contacts who have permission to modify the organization record. If the member organization has more than one contact with permission, each contact will receive the reminder, and each of them will be able to renew the membership on behalf of the organization, possibly concurrently. This is why we recommend setting only one contact with permission per organization. Also keep in mind, if the member organization has no related contact with permission, no one will receive the email reminder.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that a default "FROM" email address is in place.
CiviCRM will use the default "FROM" email address when sending automated emails such as scheduled reminders - if there is no email defined as the default, this will result in an error and the reminders will not be sent. 

You can learn more about the steps to set up your scheduled reminders properly in our Knowledge Base.

>>>Cividesk Customers: you can access the Knowledge Base via the Desk, in the top right menu of your CiviCRM.
Go to: Membership > How do I configure scheduled reminders for organization membership renewal?

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1. For users of the Cividesk SparkPost extension, you must also ensure that the default "FROM" email address is a valid one, i.e. the "FROM" email address must meet both of the following requirements:
     1) It is listed under Administer > Communications > FROM Email Addresses in the correct format, AND
     2) The domain of the email address must be a verified sending domain - typically this will be the same as your web domain
         (e.g. for the domain of, the "FROM" email address must end in