Using Event Repeat Function

In the 4.6 release, CiviCRM added a function that has been wanted for a long time: the ability to repeat events. If you have an event (paid or free) that happens more than once, you can now set the event to repeat multiple times.

To do this, edit an event as you always would and click on the new Repeat tab.


You can select the repeat schedule and even exclude days. When you hit Save, you will be given a list of all of the event repeat dates. Click Continue. Once you have continued, it will create an instance of the event for each of your repeat selections. This lets you make changes to any of the occurrences.

Keep in mind: When someone registers for an event, they can only register for one instance of the event. If you want to have people register for more than one event at a time, then you will want to use the event shopping cart feature for CiviCRM. More on that next month.