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Cividesk gives back

Giving back is a cornerstone of our company culture, and we proudly support many charitable and humanitarian organizations with pro-bono or reduced-cost services.

If you represent a volunteer-run non-profit organization providing free and secular services to the underprivileged, please contact us so we can determine the best way to support your organization - whether this is solution design, professional hosting, software customization, technical support or training for your staff.

Big Changes Coming in 2020!

Every few years we consider large scale changes to our infrastructure in order to leverage new offerings or technologies for the benefit of our clients.

For example, a few years ago we transitioned our technology infrastructure from our "classic" provider to Amazon AWS and the scalability and global reach of Amazon enabled us to support the growth of our client base, diversify our offering with dedicated servers, and open additional data centers in Canada and France in order to better serve our local clients from these regions.

Important infrastruture upgrade

As part of your Cividesk service, we sometimes have to perform infrastructure upgrades in order to bring your core software up to date with the latest developments and/or for security purposes. 

While most of these upgrades are done behind the scene, sometimes we have a major upgrade to perform and need to inform our customers of precautions and potential side effects. This is the case for the PHP upgrade planned this month (March 2019), so we wanted to take a moment to answer your most critical questions.

New release: SparkPost email extension

Cividesk just released a new version of the SparkPost email extension for CiviCRM. This extension allows CiviCRM to send emails and process bounces through the SparkPost service.

The new release improves integration with CiviCRM around the management of the suppression list (email addresses flagged as "On Hold" in CiviCRM), and overall performance of the extension, specifically when sending a large volume of emails.

DrupalCamp Colorado 2018

DrupalCamp Colorado is a three day event centered on knowledge sharing and learning how to build, manage and launch ambitious digital experiences. This year, Cividesk was invited to present CiviCRM and it's integration with Drupal to an audience of web developers and site administrators.

The 'Desk' is relocating ...

At Cividesk, we are constantly trying to bring value to our customers and facilitate their use of CiviCRM. A few years ago, we created the 'desk' for this very purpose. The 'desk' is a suite of applications available exclusively to our customers. These applications have grown over the years to now include one-click access to our Ticketing system and Knowledge Base, a Video Library with all our CiviTips recordings, and our Training Calendar.