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Upcoming changes for email delivery

For all our customers, being able to send emails from the CRM, and that these emails get reliably delivered to their recipients inboxes, is a critical function. As ISPs, email services and other IT and service providers are fighting the constant influx of spam that clutters our inboxes, it has become very hard to send email while avoiding being caught in anti-spam filters and/or being blacklisted.

CiviCRM Statistics portal now available

As the CiviCRM community grows and is increasingly active, the need emerged to measure our work, our impact, our communications and many other aspects of this community in order to judge our progress and influence our roadmap. The CiviCRM statistics project was born.

Since it's inception, this effort has grown in scope and capabilities and now makes available real-time statistics on:

Scan business cards into CiviCRM

We all have this pile of business cards on our desks and thought ... wish I could enter all of these in my favorite CRM ...

Well ... wait no more. Cividesk has developped an interface with an iPhone application that allows you to take a picture of your business cards, have these transcribed and then automatically uploaded as new contacts into CiviCRM.This of course works whether you are sitting at your desk, attending a meeting, or staffing a trade show.

Upcoming upgrade to CiviCRM 4.6

New year, new release of CiviCRM .. CiviCRM 4.6 will become LTS at the end of January 2016! With this much anticipated announcement, it is now time to migrate all our customers to this release.

We have been testing CiviCRM 4.6 for more than a couple months now on our own website as well as a few of our customer's, and have been impressed with all the new features, improvements as well as its stability.

All of our customers get an A+!

As part of the server migration done on August 22 we upgraded several infrastructure software to newer version. This provided us with additional security settings, and it wasn't before long that our engineers started playing with these new settings to see if we could enhance our security even further.

And .. we got a A+. Not only that, but all our customers also get the same A+ by being hosted on our servers!

The Cividesk fund on Kiva

Cividesk has created a fund on This fund serves to finance microloans to people around the world living in high poverty areas. Most of these people do not have access to traditional banking systems. By lending them money to purchase land, livestock, tools or items to sell needed to build or expand their business, or giving them the chance to pursue higher studies, we are giving them a chance to escape poverty.