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Data Hygiene: Keep your Financial Data Accurate

In "Data Hygiene: How to Keep Data Clean and Healthy!", we spoke in general terms of the basic steps you need to take to keep your data clean and healthy. In this blog post, we focus on keeping financial data accurate. 

Non-profit organizations are under intense financial scrutiny - they must show accountability through the willingness to explain actions to stakeholders, and must be transparent by publishing critical financial data about the organization. These two tasks, however, can become exceedingly difficult if multiple systems are used to track financial information without regular reconciliation. Luckily, CiviCRM has an Accounting Batch feature that allows you to avoid manually re-keying financial data into your accounting software. 

Data Hygiene: How to Keep Data Clean and Healthy!

Your CiviCRM database is the central hub of your nonprofit's fundraising efforts, membership and contact management, event organization and other important ongoing initiatives. Because of its integral role in your organization, your database requires ongoing maintenance to ensure optimum performance. With nonprofit constituent mobility and employee turnover at an all-time high, data can quickly become messy and stale when data entry procedures for the organization are not properly regulated. 

To ensure consistent data entry by all users, every organization (even those run by a single person) should have a DES1 (Data Entry Standards) document that clearly outlines what information the organization aims to maintain and how it is entered in the database. 

How to include Headers in Profiles

Let's say you have a registration profile you are using for an event in which you are collecting both the home and work addresses for an individual.

As you can see in the screenshot below, without headers, it is hard to see where the fields related to the personal information end and where the fields related to the professional information begin.