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CiviCRM 100% in French

Great news for our customers who are using the French version of CiviCRM ! CiviCRM is now 100% translated to French (the Core interface and 66% of the extensions).

This great achievement was possible due to the hard work of our community members. Thank you to all the contributors from all over the world!

New CiviCRM User Interface

If you have been using CiviCRM for a while you are really going to enjoy the new user interface that brings to CiviCRM users a much more contemporary, flat design style and colorful experience.

This new user interface is available by installing the extension "Shoreditch". The development of this extension has been possible because of the funding from the Zing Foundation and the hard work of a CiviCRM Partner. This new interface is the most significant retheming of CiviCRM since it was launched 13 years ago.

CiviCRM 5.19 Upgrade

As part of our on-going maintenance service we do update CiviCRM to the latest security release on a regular basis but now it's time for a major upgrade. 

CiviCRM 5 has been out there for a while and after completing a lot of tests we strongly believe now is a good time to upgrade all our customers. We have already upgraded a few of our customers to CiviCRM 5.19 and are quite pleased with its functionality and maturity.

Your questions ... answered

As a Cividesk customer you have access to an array of resources and services included in your Cividesk account plan, but have you ever wondered who you should contact when you have a question, who your current users are, or which extensions are installed on your instance of CiviCRM?

You can now find answers to all of these questions in your Cividesk Account page under the Support menu directly in CiviCRM! The page is updated dynamically and shows the following information:

The Brooklyn Heights Association

The mission of the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) is to engage the Brooklyn Heights community in maintaining and improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

While preserving the physical fabric of this historic neighborhood has always been essential to our mission, equally and increasingly important is our role as a strong advocate for the community on other timely and critical matters — from access to good schools for our children, to neighborhood security and traffic safety as our streets grow more crowded, and to addressing potential threats that emerge as a result of the growing scale of real estate development in and around the Heights.