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New functionality: Copy activity

If you have been using activities then at some point in time you might have felt the need to have the possibility to make a copy of an existing activity, similar feature of what you have for events and contribution pages. It's now available to you!

This new feature comes particularly handy if you have lots of custom data on the activity or lots of target contacts and you want to duplicate the same activity without going through laborious manual entry.

New Extension: Configuring Summary Overlay

After a Contact search or in the Relationship screen did you know that by moving your mouse over the icon you can get some summary information about the contact? That's the Summary Overlay screen.

The screen displays some information about the contact but have you ever wished to be able to select the information specific to your organization that you would like to see in this screen?

It's now possible with a new extension developed by Cividesk.

Cividesk Community Contributions in 2019

Cividesk is very proud to have contributed more than 500 hours to CiviCRM's open source initiatives in 2019! 

Cividesk strongly advocates for community participation and collaboration to continuously maintain and improve CiviCRM. In addition to servicing a wide range of clients from many different sectors of the non-profit world, we pride ourselves on being involved in a range of ongoing CiviCRM projects. The wide variety of our client-base and the projects we work on has exposed the Cividesk team to virtually every functionality that CiviCRM and its related extensions have to offer, affording us the opportunity to develop new and improve existing features that not only meet the specific needs of our clients, but that also have a broader applicability that extends to the CiviCRM community at large. Every month, our team makes a dedicated effort to contribute our work back to the CiviCRM community. 

New Extension: Contact Dashboard settings

Ever wished that the CiviCRM contact dashboard could be configured to display (or not display) information specific to your organization's needs? 

A powerful extension in development by Cividesk will allow you to replace any hard coded fields for related contacts with profiles that contain only those fields that you wish to see. Once the extension is fully developed and installed, you will be able to:

Extended Report Improvements

CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful core reports - report templates can be used to create different report instances to query your data. There is also a very useful third party extension called "Extended Reports" that includes additional report templates that provide more flexibility and complexity.

Cividesk has contributed back a lot of improvements made to both core reports and the Extended Reports extension. For example, a new functionality has been added to the Extended Report "Contribution Pivot Chart" that displays contribution amounts by month or by year:

Introducing a new extension: Event Listing by Type

Do you send regurlary emails to your contacts to let them know about all of the upcoming events of a particular type (i.e. member only, conference, fundraiser, training, etc.)?

Cividesk has developed an useful extension that allows you to display in an email all the events of a particular type with the start and end dates in a listing format without having to enter each event manually in the listing. Once the extension is installed a token for each event type is made available to include in your email template.

Improvements to CiviCRM that benefit nonprofit organizations world-wide

Over the past few months, Cividesk has made improvements and completed bug fixes in report templates as suggested and sponsored by our customers. Not only do all Cividesk clients benefit from these improvements but so does the entire CiviCRM community. We have already contributed these changes to the CiviCRM Core software as part of our committment as a Sustaining Contributor.

New features include:

New extension: Discount Price for Members Only

Have you ever wanted to make the member price option available in an event registration form only to good standing members (ie. New, Current or Grace status)? This way, only these members can take advantage of a discounted price as one of their exclusive benefits!

Cividesk developed this new feature so the member rate for an event is only displayed when the logged-in user has a good standing membership.

New Functionality: Add multiple activities for a single participant

Have you ever wondered if you could add multiple activities for a single participant to an event? Cividesk has added a functionality that will do just that!

Search for a participant following your desired criteria and in the bulk actions you should be able to see the "Add activity" option for your participant. It's that easy!

This functionality has been sponsored by one of our customers and will be contributed back to the CiviCRM Core Team as a part of our giving back to the CiviCRM community.


'One click' process for printing contribution receipts

Cividesk is proud to be an active contributor to the CiviCRM community since 2011. We contribute to the project every month with new code, code fixes, by hosting events and more.

Most recently, Cividesk added a new functionality which gives CiviCRM users the ability to print a contribution receipt directly from the User Dashboard. Until now, only the invoice could be printed from the Dashboard.