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Partners in open source: Contributing back to CiviCRM

Cividesk values the opportunity to support open source initiatives, partly because giving back is a cornerstone of our company culture, but also because we all benefit so much from open source software. Therefore, it is important to us to advocate for more community participation and collaboration to work on maintaining and improving CiviCRM. So, is it worth it to contribute time and effort to CiviCRM? Yes. 100%. And absolutely. Not only does it benefit us, but it also benefits our clients and so many other nonprofits worldwide.

Customize the Order of Appearance for Relationship Types

Cividesk is proud to be an active contributor to the CiviCRM community since 2011. We contribute to the project every month with new code, code fixes, by hosting events and more.

Most recently, Cividesk added a very helpful functionality that displays the relationships of a contact by order of preference. This allows you to customize which relationship types should be seen at the top based on your chosen priorities. This is particularly useful if a contact has a large amount of relationships so that you can ensure that the most important ones are visible first.

Assignee notifications can now be configured to meet your needs

You may already know that CiviCRM lets you send notifications to an activity assignee based on activity type. Perhaps you noticed that, in the past, it was only an ON/OFF option, meaning you could either send assignee notifications for ALL activities or NONE.

We are happy to announce that the ability to choose the activity type for which CiviCRM users want to send notifications is available to our customers. This is just another way that CiviCRM can be customized to meet your needs and make daily tasks more efficient.