The 'desk' is here ... with a surprise!

Cividesk was founded on the vision of providing a suite of integrated applications, centered around CiviCRM, to serve non-profit organizations. While we have so far provided CiviCRM integrated with Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress, Google Apps, ConstantContact or Mailchimp, we were missing a crucial piece: the 'desk'.


The 'desk' is like a control center that allows you to visualize and launch any of the integrated applications that are part of Cividesk, including external applications like ConstantContact or Mailchimp. When these applications are launched you are seamlessly logged in without having to remember and type yet another password!

And .. in addition to the applications you already know and use, including our ticketing system, we are adding a Wiki application to help you build a collaborative Intranet.

So ... where is the 'desk'? Just click on the 'Desk' button at the top right of your screen!