Rocky Mountain French American Chamber of Commerce

The Rocky Mountain chapter of the French American Chamber of Commerce network (RMFACC) is a membership based organization that manages approximately 200 members and twelve events per year including two major fundraisings. The organization is run by a small team of three employees based in different locations and a board of directors.

Before implementing CiviCRM, the whole organization was managed using multiple software (excel files, emailing software, CMS) with no comprehensive control of the Chamber’s operations and frequent inconsistencies due to multiple data entry.

Cividesk provided a complete turnkey solution delivered in the ‘Software as a Service’ business model, including consulting, software development, training, hosting and on-going maintenance and support.

The Promise:

To improve and automate memberships management
To improve membership retention and recruitment of new members
To improve and automate communications with members and targeted prospective members
To reduce the time needed to update the membership database and online directory
To improve and automate event management
To provide reporting on the Chamber’s activities and revenues
To enable collaboration and document sharing between the staff and the board

The Challenge:

The Chamber has a very limited budget, and no in-house technical skills. Finding the time to collect, organize and cleanse the data to import in CiviCRM. Custom developments needed to synchronize the member database between CiviCRM and their online directory on the external website (Typo3 based).

The Solution:

Cividesk implemented a complete solution assembled out of open source or low cost components: CiviCRM hosted on a Cloud Server and GoogleApps. Cividesk developed the integration between CiviCRM and their website, the synchronization between CiviCRM and Google Contacts and single sign-on between CiviCRM and Google Apps.

The whole solution is delivered as an affordable monthly service including ongoing technical support, mentoring and training, maintenance, backups, software updates. The users know they always have someone available to answer their questions or provide assistance.

CiviCRM was chosen because it is fully customizable, specifically designed for nonprofits, powerful and cost effective.

Key Functionality:

The online membership directory is now synchronized with the member database, eliminating the duplication of data entry. The membership and event management processes are automated (membership renewal reminders, online membership and event registration, automated email messages before and after events).

Modifications and Modules:

The ‘Standalone’ CiviCRM has been forward-ported to the 4.x branch.

Modules deployed: CiviMember, CiviEvent, CiviMail, CiviContribute with Paypal payment gateway, CiviReport.

Server & Hosting Requirements:

Cloud server optimized for the LAMP stack, including 3 levels of caching (op-cache, web server and database), automated offsite backups, security hardening, availability and performance monitoring.

Benefits To The CiviCRM Community:

The forward-port of the ‘Standalone’ version to the 4.x branch is available to the community for a low-complexity, low-resources install option for CiviCRM.