powered_by_Google_Apps.pngGoogle Apps provides secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes with web-based documents that enable simultaneous editing, versioning and controlled document sharing within or outside of the organization’s boundaries.

Collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

  • Real-time, simultaneous editing – Let multiple users work together, editing online at the same time. Collaborate real-time within your domain, or allow edits by external partners or clients.
  • No need for file attachments – Version control is easy because workers share the same online copy of each doc. All revisions are saved, organized, and recoverable.
  • Embed Docs on web pages – Display documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Google Sites with just a few clicks
  • Present and publish through the web – Deliver presentations to remote audiences through an open browser window, and publish documents and spreadsheets as internal web pages for easy employee review.
  • Easy-to-make surveys and web forms – Forms within Google Spreadsheets let users create forms, collecting survey data, registrations, or other form-based input. Forms can be published on web pages, embedded in documents, or sent in email
  • Manage and access files online – All Google Docs files (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) are available and searchable online, letting authorized users access their files from anywhere, even on mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone.
  • Work seamlessly with traditional file formats – Import from, export to, and collaboratively edit or publish with .doc, .xls, .csv, .ppt, .txt, .html, .pdf, and other formats.