powered_by_Google_Apps.pngGoogle Apps messaging tools include email, calendar and instant messaging solutions that help employees communicate and stay connected, wherever and whenever they work. These web-based services can be securely accessed from any browser, work on mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone, and integrate with other popular email systems like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and more.

Web-based, client-based and mobile email

  • Control of spam – advanced filters keep spam from employees’ inboxes
  • Keep all your email – 25 GB of storage per user
  • Find messages instantly – powerful Google search technology is built into Google
  • Mobile integration – Email and IM are easily accessible on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, …
  • Integrated instant messaging – Connect with contacts instantly without launching a separate application or leaving your inbox. No software required.
  • Built-in voice and video chat – Voice and video conversations, integrated into Google Mail

Shared Calendars

  • Easily schedule appointments – Schedule appointments, meetings, and events and let Google Calendar send invitations and update RSVPs.
  • Share project calendars – Calendars can be shared company-wide or with select co-workers.
  • Embed calendar on web pages – Embed a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar in Google Sites or on any web page; no programming required.
  • Publish calendars – Publicize external company events by publishing a calendar
  • Mobile access – View and edit event details, add new events, and invite guests, using mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone. Receive calendar notifications via SMS.

Online Communities

Create online communities and share information via email or web discussions. Employees can create and manage groups without IT support.

  • Securely share content with a group – Share Google Docs, Calendar, Sites, and Videos with a group instead of individuals

Browse and search group archives – Group members can access and search archives of mail sent to their lists to efficiently find topics of interest.