Online CiviCRM training classes

Join our online classes from anywhere! We provide live, interactive and affordable instruction on a variety of CiviCRM functionalities and offer classes for all levels of experience. Taught online at your own computer, each class is two hours and enrollment is limited to allow for interaction and questions throughout the class.

lightgreen.pngBeginner Level

For new users of CiviCRM, as a refresher course or for training new staff.

This series of online classes will teach both complete beginners and those who are self-taught, the basic functionalities in CiviCRM: Contacts, Membership, Events and Contributions. Each class focuses in depth on one of these topics to get you off to a successful start with CiviCRM.

orange.pngIntermediate Level

For current CiviCRM users with some experience and who are comfortable with basic functionalities.

Learn how to use more advanced features of CiviCRM and how to take a more customized approach to a variety of functionalities to further benefit your organization.

green.pngAdvanced Level

For current CiviCRM users who have solid experience with CiviCRM and some experience with the administration of either Drupal and/or WordPress.

Explore the benefits and possibilities of the integration of CiviCRM with Drupal or WordPress.


Questions about 2-hour classes?
Contact Tamar our Training Manager at or +1 (720) 381-3939 ext. 103

Private sessions (Online or On-site)

Can be arranged upon request. Contact Tamar at  or +1 (720) 381-3939 ext. 103