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This CiviTip covers all the different ways to search information you've stored in your CRM.

Groups & Tags

Groups and tags are two key methods for organizing data in your CRM. When used properly, both allow powerful segmentation and searching of your database.

Deduping & Merging

Duplicate contacts can turn up in your database for many reasons. During this CiviTip, you will learn how to find and merge duplicate contacts.


Reporting helps your organization to evaluate its impact and achieve its mission.During this CiviTip, you will learn how to create, run and schedule reports.


CiviVolunteer extension provides tools for signing up, managing and tracking volunteers.

Price Sets

If you need to sell individual or multiple tickets at a time, items along with memberships and subscriptions, or allow contributors to determine how much to give or buy, Price Set is the tool. Learn how to create and configure Price Sets for event, contribution and membership.

Update multiple records

Learn how to update a large number of records all at once

Exporting Data

Learn how to export contacts, event participants, contributions, memberships to Excel files.

Name Badges & Mailing Labels

Learn how to create your own name badges and personalize mailing labels


CiviCampaign lets you link together events, mailings, activities, and contributions under one "umbrella" so that you can track the progress of all your efforts towards one programmatic goal or campaign. This enables organizations to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their outreach and mobilization efforts.

Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a huge help in understanding what your constituents think and want, how successful your programs are and how to engage your donors. During this CiviTip, you will learn how to create online surveys with CiviCRM.

Custom Fields

In addition to pre-built data fields, CiviCRM gives you the power to customize your information via custom data fields – fields that are defined and built by you to record and collect information specific to your organization. During this CiviTip, you will learn how to create these custom fields.

Profiles used for standalone forms

With profiles, you can collect information from your constituents. Profiles can be used to create standalone forms such as a "Contact Us" or an "Enews subscription" forms to post on your website.During this CiviTip, you will learn how to create standalone forms with CiviCRM.

Personal Campaign Pages

CiviCRM's features include allowing your constituents to create their own fundraising pages - and then ask others to fund their cause. A personal campaign page allows your constituents to personalize the fundraiser by offering their personal reasons and/or experiences with the organization on their own personal page. Also, your contributors may in turn send the personal campaign pages to their circle of friends.

Different uses of profiles

A profile is a collection of fields from your database. Profiles are a powerful tool that have many different uses across all components of CiviCRM. Profiles are used to collect data and to display data to the user.This CiviTip will outline how to use profiles for displaying information on public pages and customizing your user interface. Profiles used to collect data are covered with the CiviTip "Profiles used for standalone forms".

Sending emails and bulk emails

With CiviCRM you can send transactional and bulk emails.The advantage of sending email through CiviCRM (rather than through your email client or through a bulk email tool other than CiviMail) is that every email sent with CiviCRM is treated as an activity and stored in the activity history of each recipient.
CiviCRM has two ways for you to contact your constituents via email: Send Mail to Contact and CiviMail.During this CiviTip, you will discuss the pros and cons between using the action item Sending an Email versus using CiviMail.

Postal Mail

This CiviTip will present how to manage a postal mail with CiviCRM from generating the letter to printing the mailing labels.

Summary Fields extension

The Summary Fields extension makes it easier to search for major donors, recent donors, lapsed donors as well as to show a synopsis of a donor’s history. We will look at the fields that Summary Fields adds, how to use them in reporting, and how to configure the extension.

Mosaico extension

The Mosaico extension enhances the existing CiviMail module to simplify the email creation process by producing a mobile ready and professional email looking for you!
During this CiviTip, you will learn how to easily drag and drop blocks into a template. Each of these blocks has elements like images, text, buttons and more. There are lots of blocks that will fit almost any templating need.